lily nathanson -3Lily Nathanson, a long-time New Yorker, currently works in the field of Customer Success where she is able to combine her passion for relationship building with her interest in Psychology to help clients meet their goals.

Outside of work, Lily loves to travel in her spare time and see new places; she has been traveling since she was a young child. Each experience has enabled her to grow and mature more as a person, as well as learn about the different cultures around her. She’s visited a number of states throughout the country, including Vermont and Colorado for skiing, as well as California, Florida and South Carolina.

However, Lily’s travels aren’t limited to the United States. Throughout her education, Lily developed an affinity for the romance languages and became proficient in both French and Italian. She’s visited Sweden, Spain, England, Belgium, Denmark and numerous other international destinations throughout her life, a list she looks forward to expanding.

In addition to traveling, Lily is involved in a number of other activities. She’s been skiing since the age of four, loves to dance, and enjoys taking group fitness classes to keep herself in shape.